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 Airwrap Multi Styler

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dry & curl at the same time!

Are you tired of always Burning & Damaging your hair?


Does it seem to take you forever? 

...Well you are NOT alone! 💖

Our team has been working very hard behind the scenes,

 and has finally finalized a product that will blow you away!


Different Hair Styles Are Minutes Away..!

The new AirwrapPRO was engineered to enhance your curls in a matter of minutes, something that we have been working on very hard for a long time, and now it is finally been released with a brand new color! 

Curls that Last for Days

Harnessing an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda-effect, the AirwrapPro attracts the hair to the surface of the barrel, propelling air along the hair strands, giving you that beautiful curl to last you for days!

💖 Tip #1 Use heat protection product

 💖 Tip #2 Use small portions of hair when you are using the AirwrapPro curling barrel 

 💖 Tip #3 To have the curls last longer, we recommend using styling cream and/or hair spray.

How to Use 

Dry your hair until it's about 90% dry using either our blow dryer attachment or let it air dry, depending on your preference. 

Then, it's time to style!

Say goodbye to waiting for your hair to be fully dry before effortlessly creating curls. With the AirwrapPro  Styler, you can dry and style simultaneously. Finish off with a spritz of texture spray or hairspray for that perfect final touch.

Remember, every hair type is unique, so experimenting with different techniques will help you discover what works best for you. Once you've mastered it, you'll wonder how you ever styled your hair without it!

Product Details

This comprehensive set is designed to cater to all your styling needs, providing an unparalleled salon experience from the comfort of your home. 

Let's dive into the exquisite features of each attachment and how they contribute to transforming your hair routine:

Airwrap Multi Styler 

Pre-Stying Dryer

The Pre-Styling Dryer Attachment prepares your hair for the perfect styling experience. With its powerful airflow and controlled heat settings, it efficiently dries your hair, leaving it ready for the next step without excess heat damage.

Airwrap Multi Styler

 curling barrel

The Airwrap curling barrel is a revolutionary hair styling tool designed to effortlessly create beautiful, long-lasting curls. Its innovative technology combines controlled heat, airflow, and a unique barrel shape to wrap and curl the hair without any extreme heat damage.

The barrel does not rotate, instead it uses the coanda effect technology and sucks the hair up.

The barrel does not rotate, instead it uses the coanda effect technology and sucks the hair up to the barrel.

The Airwrap Multi Styler comes with two same size barrels.(The length is 5 inches long and the width: 1.2 inches) 

Airwrap Multi Styler

 smoothing brush 

The Soft Smoothing Brush Attachment is designed to gently align and smooth your hair, eliminating frizz and adding a lustrous shine. Its flexible bristles glide through your hair with ease, giving you that polished, straight look without the hassle.

Airwrap Multi Styler

 Volumizing brush 

Elevate your hair's volume and body with the Round Volumizing Brush Attachment. Its unique shape and bristle configuration add fullness and lift to your hair, giving you that coveted professional blowout style at home. Say hello to luxurious, voluminous locks without the need for a trip to the salon.

The volumizing brush does not rotate.

  • Airwrap Multi Styler 

  • Dry & Curl Simultaneously

  • Affordable Price

  • Airwrap Technology- Coanda Effect

  • For Most Hair Types

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