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  • Fast Dry

  • No Hair Damage

  • Light Weight

  • Outstanding Quality!

  • Sleek Design

  • For All Hair Types

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Supersonic Ionic Hair Dryer

Say Goodbye to Constantly Damaging your Hair!

Are you tired of burning your hair every time you dry it?

Does it seem to take forever?

Well... We have a solution for you!

Our Supersonic Ionic Hair Dryer ✨

Say Goodbye to Damaged Hair!

Our Supersonic Ionic Hair Dryer is a high-performance styling tool designed to deliver powerful airflow and negative ion technology to dry and style your hair quickly and efficiently. 

The negative ion technology helps to reduce frizz, static, and hair damage by breaking down water molecules into smaller particles, which allows the hair to dry faster while retaining moisture.

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Dry Your Hair in Record Speed

With its supersonic speed, this hair dryer can dry your hair in RECOD TIME, reducing the amount of time you spend styling your hair each day.

 Its powerful motor produces a high-velocity airflow that quickly dries even the thickest and most stubborn hair types. The negative ions released by the dryer work to neutralize the positive ions in your hair, resulting in a sleek, shiny, and frizz-free finish.

Grip Start and Stop Function

After Powering up and starting the switch, hold the handle tightly to start the dryer and release it to stop it.

If you don't like this special function, you can easily turn it off by pressing the temperature button for 3 seconds. The indicator light flash 1 time means the grip function is off.

Temperature Settings

The Supersonic Ionic Hair Dryer features multiple speed and temperature settings, allowing you to customize the airflow and heat to suit your hair type and desired styling.

  • Green light - cool wind mode

  • Orange light - warm wind mode

  • Red light - hot wind mode

  • Yellow light - hot and cool wind recycle mode

Sleek Sophisticated Mirror Design

Our Supersonic Ionic Hair Dryer is designed with both style and functionality in mind. 

Its sleek design features a stainless steel mirror finish, giving it a modern and sophisticated look that is sure to IMPRESS! 

The mirror finish not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the hair dryer, but it also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Safety First

 Safety Upgraded Plug: Our ionic blow dryer is equipped with the ALCI plug and meets U.S latest standard safety requirements, which will ensure to better protect you your family once short circuit caused by leakage, also can avoid heat damage to the machine.

Why Choose Supersonic Ionic Dryer?!

  • Supersonic Dryer

  • No Hair Damage

  • Fast Dry

  • Affordable Professional Dryer

  • Light Weight
  • Sleek Design

  • Free Shipping

  • Other Brands

  • High Hair Damage

  • Slow Drying

  • Overpriced Professional Dryer

  • Heavy, Bulky

  • Boring Design

Overall, a Supersonic Ionic Hair Dryer is an innovative and advanced styling tool that can help you achieve salon-worthy hair at home. With its cutting-edge technology and powerful performance, this hair dryer is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve healthy, smooth, and beautiful hair in record time.


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