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  • Reduce Fizz

  • Purrfect Curls in Minutes

  • Airwrap Technology

  • For ALL Hair Types!

  • Intelligent Heat Control

  • 7-Styling Attachments

  • 1-Year Warranty

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dry & curl at 

the same time!

Are you tired of always Burning & Damaging your hair?


Does it seem to take you forever? 

...Well you are NOT alone! 💖

Our team has been working very hard behind the scenes,

 and has finally finalized a product that will blow you away!

Coanda Effect!

Salon look the comfort 

of your Home 💖

The Airwrap curling barrel is a revolutionary hair styling tool designed to effortlessly create beautiful, long-lasting curls

Its innovative technology combines controlled heat, airflow, and a unique barrel shape to wrap and curl the hair without any extreme heat damage.

The barrel does not rotate, instead it uses the coanda effect technology and sucks the hair up to the barrel.

The Airwrap Multi Styler comes with two same size barrels.(The length is 5 inches long and the width: 1.2 inches) 

🔥Tip #1 Use heat protection product

🔥Tip #2 To have the curls last longer, we recommend using styling cream and/or hair spray.

Blow Dry

then Curl!

Silky Smooth Hair

The Smoothing Brush, smooths your hair out after you blow dried it. 

Switch the head to the brush and comb your hair with it couple times. Achieve smooth straight hair in couple minutes.

Easy 5 Steps Guide

  • Step 1: Begin with towel-dried or slightly damp hair, whether it's freshly washed or misted with a spray bottle. 

  • After applying your preferred styling products, comb through the mid-lengths and ends using a detangling comb.

  • Utilize the pre-styling dryer attachment to prime your hair for styling, aiming for it to be about 80% dry.

  • Select the attachment and adjust the heat and speed settings accordingly to achieve your desired hairstyle.

  • Apply your preferred post-styling products to enhance and maintain your desired look for long-lasting results.

Product Information

Brand: Lumina Deluxe 7in1 Multi Styler

Included in your order:   Base, Attachments- 2x Curling Barrels, Smoothing Brush, Dryer, Volumizing Round Brush, Concentrator Nozzle, Diffuser, Heat Resistant Glove

Plug: GFCI Plug

  • Lumina Deluxe  

  • Upgraded 7 Attachments

  • Affordable Price

  • Reduce Fizz

  • FREE Shipping 

  • Strongest Airflow

  •  Others

  • Cheap Quality

  • Weak Airflow

  • Overpriced

  • Fewer Attachments


 What is the Coanda effect?

The Coanda effect works by utilizing airflow to effortlessly wrap your hair around the barrel, relying solely on air! This unique process results in instant volume, curl, and style without damaging your hair.

Our team of engineers has crafted the most efficient Coanda barrel available, ensuring that you can effortlessly style your hair with a beautifully natural look in a simple and enjoyable manner.

 Does it work on all hair types?

When creating the Styler, our aim was to make it accessible to all. No matter your hair type or preferred style, you'll have full access to its incredible benefits, complete with all the attachments included.

 What size is the barrel?

Both barrel attachments are the same size 1.25" Long, which is considered one of the longest barrel. 

One draws in air from the right while the other does so from the left. 

 Does it include a warranty?

Yes. It includes 1-year limited warranty, that covers replacement and repairs due to malfunctions and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover tear and wear, theft or accidental damage. 

 How long will shipping take?

Orders will be processed within 2-3 business days from the order date and shipped the next day.

We process orders between Monday - Friday. Shipping is via USPS and takes 5-7 business days.


Shipping is via USPS and takes 

5-7 business days

We process orders between Monday and Friday. 

Orders will be processed within 2-3 business days from the order date and shipped the next day.

Questions? Contact Us!

For any questions you may have please make sure to contact our support team at 

We have a very friendly support team ready to serve you Monday-Friday. 

Customer satisfaction is what drives our business!


"The statements and products on this website are not associated with any other brands or companies. 

They are unique to us and are our own proprietary brands."

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  • Free Delivery
  • Warranty
    1-Year Warranty
  • Online Payment
    Secure Sytem
  • Online Support
    24/7 Support