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  • Dry & Curl At The Same Time!

  • Airwrap Technology

  • Stunning Curls In Minutes!

  • 5-Styling Attachments

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Free Leather Case Today Only!

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Stay Beautiful! Dry & Curl At The Same!

Your Gorgeous Hair Is Minutes Away!...


Tired of always taking forever to curl your hair? 

.Do you burn yourself in the process? 

....Well, we've got something for you! 💖

Our team has been working very hard behind the scenes,

 and has finally finalized a product that will blow you away!

Quick Dry!

Unlike most cheap brands on the market, the AirwapPro Complete Hair Styler (5-in-1) comes equipped with our proprietary technology (Coanda effect) to enhance your curls while making sure your hair does not get damaged in the process!

🔥Tips: First Dry your Hair 80% with the Pre-Styling Dryer then switch the head to the barrel. Use small portions of hair to get the Purrfect curls in minutes!

Stunning Curls made easy!

Harnessing an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda-effect, the AirwrapPro attracts the hair to the surface of the barrel, propelling air along the hair strands, giving you that beautiful curl to last you for days!

The barrel has a suction which picks the hair up, it does not rotate.

Why choose Airwrap Complete hair styler?


The Airwrap Complete Hair Styler uses negative ion technology to allow for drying and styling hair at the same time, eliminating the need for scorching heat. It has several styling options, from barrel rolls to beautiful, straight, shiny hair. It also comes at a fraction of the cost compared with other competitors.

The Problem

While most hair tools on the market can get the job done, they are known to be damaging and very unhealthy for your hair.

Traditional hair tools could also cause you to mistakenly burn your fingers or worse your face, not to mention that it takes forever to get your hair curled with a traditional hair straightener. 

The Solution

 Airwrap Hair Complete Styler is made of our Proprietary technology specifically designed by our brilliant design team to enhance your hair curls from the first use, while making sure your hair stays healthy and does not get damaged in the process!

You will be amazed by how FAST you can curl & dry your hair simultaneously and with ease!

Product Information

Brand: Airwrap Multi Styler

Included in your order: Complimentary Leather Case, Airwrap base, Attachments: 2x Barrel, Smoothing brush, Dryer, Volumizing brush

Plug: Standard Type A


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